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Jennifer Martinez, Secretary

Jennifer Martinez was born in Bakersfield, CA after her parents settled from Mexico to build a living as farmworkers. Her life experiences were shaped by the inequalities that arise from living in a predominantly agricultural community with low civic involvement in everyday life. This early experience has driven Jennifer to devote her life to public service. She has since attained a Masters of Public Administration from University of Texas at Arlington and has worked as a Financial Analyst for the City of Grapevine, Texas where she helped manage the budget process, capital projects, and investment portfolio and facilitate the debt issuance process.

In 2015 as a Fellow at the Institute of Public and Urban Affairs at San Diego State University and in good company of Salvador Espinosa, PhD and Christine Martell PhD she has a forthcoming publication “Why Some Municipalities in Mexico May be Better Property Tax Collectors than Others?”

Currently as a doctoral student in the Public Affairs and Policy Program at Portland State University, Jennifer is devoted to further explore the connection between public finance and citizen participation.