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OLAA is proud to announce that our 2018 awards will recognize three (3) exemplary individuals or groups that have contributed to the growth, innovation, impact, and results of our Latino community. These awards are given to persons that exemplify excellence and engage their communities in sustainable change.

Individuals may nominate themselves, be nominated by another individual, organization, group of organizations, or key community leader(s). Note that previous award winners are not eligible for the same award.

In 300-800 words describe how the nominee has demonstrated leadership to advance the Latino community. Begin with a short opening paragraph that describes the nominee’s current responsibilities. Since the review board may or may not know the intricacies of your nominee’s work, it is important to include all pertinent information in a readable format. It is helpful if your statement is detailed, focused, organized and includes specific examples.

The 2018 OLAA Awards are selected and awarded by the OLAA Board of Directors. Award winners will be notified in advance and recognized through a formal presentation at the Summit on Saturday, September 29, 2018 at Portland State University.

Please note: individuals currently serving as OLAA Summit Committee Members and Board Members are ineligible to receive this award within their year of service. Nomination deadline is Friday, September 7, 2018.

Nomination Checklist:

  • Before you send your nomination, verify that the nominee’s name is spelled correctly. Confirm this is the way the nominee prefers use of their name for printed material and publicity.
  • Nominees must be available to attend the Summit on Saturday, September 29, 2018 in Portland, Oregon at Portland State University.
  • Please include a 300-800 word nomination statement describing why the individual should be considered for the award.

Online Nomination Form



Gloria Wiggins Award

Named after Colombia native Gloria Wiggins, who served the Latino Community for over a decade, until she lost her battle with cancer in December 2011. Gloria began her work at Catholic Charities El Programa Hispano in 2000 as the Educational Service Coordinator, she soon became the Division Manager of El Programa Hispano in 2002. Under Gloria’s leadership, El Programa Hispano developed as a primary social  service provider for the Latino community mainly in Gresham.

Gloria was also a founding member of the Coalition of Communities of Color, sat on many advisory committees and was present to advocate for the Latino community whenever needed. The Multnomah County Citizen’s Involvement Committee honored Gloria with the Gladys McCoy Award for lifetime volunteer achievement 2010 and the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce presented her with the Latino Community Service Award in 2011.

Gloria always made time to listen and offer advice and support to community members. She never forgot why she was advocating or lost sight of the real reasons behind her social justice work. Gloria’s spirit lives through the programs she helped build, the staff she mentored and the community she supported.

The winner of the Gloria Wiggins Award will exemplify these traits, and have made an extraordinary contribution to the Latino community.

Ally for Excellence Award

The Latino Ally for Excellence Award was established in 2014 to recognize an individual who has made significant contributions to the advancement and expanding the diversity in leadership positions throughout the different levels of government in our State, past and present. A true leader that recognizes the Latino abilities, contributions and leadership deserves our recognition and respect.


  • Evidence that this individual has committed to, and seen results in, ensuring diversity in the different levels of government.
  • Evidence of implementing innovative policies and practices that have directly contributed to high levels of diversity and inclusion in our State.
  • Evidence that this individual is a champion of diversity and inclusion and is contributing to the broader conversations about said subject matter in the community.

Youth Award

Established in 2016, the Youth Award will recognize and honor a youth (up to 24 years of age) who has played major role(s) in inspiring young people and adults to realize their individual and collective power to create  social justice through activism and leadership, demonstrated commitment to self-determined social change and engaged people in transforming social structures that perpetuate injustice, poverty and threaten family life and community well-being.


  • Creating, organizing, and implementing a significant, effective, and inspiring social justice or change project or campaign conducted thru volunteerism or employment.
  • Applying a fresh or best community practice to a relevant community challenge or barrier that can be used as a model for other communities.
  • Achievement in the applicant’s discipline, character, involvement in community, and/or ability to overcome adversity.
  • Evidence that they have excelled in the classroom (if applicable) and in the community.