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Rosalie Diaz, Board Member

Rosalie Diaz has dedicated herself to public service in Gresham, Oregon for over a decade. She is a native Oregonian, born and raised in the East Portland/Gresham area. Her passion for serving the community started in her work as an Elementary School Teacher’s Aide. Here, she started helping young children develop and grow, with a focus on third graders. Throughout her time in the public schools system, she also worked with older students, and eventually worked directly with social service field workers. It was there where she found her passion for Social Service work, and has dedicated her career to supporting marginalized communities in the Gresham area. Rosalie believes people should be able to fulfill there basic needs. Only then can we get our communities on the path to thriving and flourishing in Oregon. She currently serves as the Executive Assistant to Patricia Rojas, at El Programa Hispano.